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Focus Pulling

Arri FF5 (optional reverse gear for Nikon)$50/day
Arri WCU-4$250/day
Arri UMC-3 w/ motors$100/day
Preston 2-channel MDR-3 Handset-3$250/day
Preston Micro-Force 2, digital$200/day
RT Motion Mk3.1 2-channel Wireless Follow Focus system$150/day
Redrock microRemote wireless follow focus system         $75/day


Arri MB 18 Matte Box$50/day
Arri LMB 25 Matte Box$40/day
Arri LMB 6 Matte Box$50/day
FSI 21" Monitor$150/day
FSI 21" Monitor w/ rolling stand and batteries/charger$250/day
SmallHD 702 7" Monitor$50/day
SmallHD 502 5" Monitor$50/day
RED LED EVF and +1 Module$80/day
RED Side Handle + 4 Redvolt Batteries$40/day
Tiffan ND Set 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2 filters$40/day
Tiffen Diopters +1,+2,+3$30/day
Tiffen IR Filter$10/day
Scheider Classic Soft 1/8$10/day
Scheider Classic Soft 1/4$10/day
Scheider Classic Soft 1/2$10/day
Scheider Classic Soft 1$10/day
Scheider Rotating Pola Tray for LMB 25$20/day
1 Foot LED panel with V Mount plate, optional stands$50/day
Fiilex LED Light Kit$200/day
4 x 160Wh V-lock Batteries and quad-charger$100/day
PL extension tubes$20/day

Tripods, Jibs, and Other Movement Accessories

OConner 2575 Head + Tripod$250/day
Sacthler Video 18 + Tripod$100/day
Sachtler Video 15 + Tripod$85/day
Premium dovetail shoulder rig$50/day
Manfrotto 546B Tripod with 501 Head$25/day
Kessler Pocket Jib Pro$75/day
Ronford Baker 48" Premium Slider (Mitchell)                    $250/day
Manfrotto 562B Video Monopod$20/day

Rental Rates

All day rates are subject to HST.
For multi-day rates please contact us.


Please contact us when you're ready to book your rental. A 30% deposit is required

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