Photo of the Week

On Thursday we saw the badlands yield some fun picks, but on the way home I snagged an image of a church that I thought would be a perfect photo of the week.  I decided to run it as an HDR and here is a before and after of the image.  Just a neat little view of the difference post production can make – I thought it would be neat to show the before and after.  All work was done in Aperture 3.0.  In about 3 minutes (mostly getting that wire out).  Below is the HDR photo of the week in the best view.

Badlands  001 (1) church  001

I used a plug in for the HDR, touched up a few spots and used a simple clone and stamp tool to get rid of that wire scorching the middle of the image.  Below are the 5 original shots taken to merge into the HDR composite above (left).

church  002 church  003 church  001 church  004 church  005

Photo of the week!

Badlands  001 (1)

Hope this little bit of info is helpful, feel free to ask any questions.  More photos of the week to come!

David Dvir

  • HDR Photography Blog

    well process..not overdone…can be a good example and guide for newbie HDR photographer like me

  • Dave

    Thank you, I just posted a video with more details, either way hope it helped.