Applying For a Job?

I understand that when people are in the market and looking for employment, a very reasonable option is to put together a great resume and hand it out nearly as much as they can. I understand that after a while they likely get frustrated that they may not be receiving calls or invitations to interview and decide maybe they should start spammning it out even more. But something that really blows me away is what some people’s expectations are, and why they want a job to being with.

For some, a job in the field they’ve studied would be a dream come true. While for others, any job would be a great situation however they never really desire something in particular. Well, since last week I’ve been looking to hire an assistant. Ads are out there, and people are welcome to apply. Thing is, I’m SHOCKED at some of the emails and resumes I’m receiving. And for the most part, insulted or annoyed.

In my opinion, and strictly my opinion, if you are applying for a job, that should be because it’s the job you really want, not because you need SOME job and this one will do. If you’ve got your resume then it should be specific, and not general. So when someone sends me an email with a resume attached and the email is this bland generic “to whom it may concern” or “dear sir or madam” BS I get really annoyed. In my ad I included a link to this website. In hopes to have those people interested in reading the rest of the ad get a good idea of who and what 2D is, I figured this link should be really easy to find etc, so I put it on the first line of the ad. Now my website has received loads of hits since the ad’s been up. This tells me that people applying are looking at… right? Well you’d think so…

Here’s what I’m trying to get at. If you’d like this job, and you want to be interviewed, then take a minute and do some homework. My name is right there, and the company name too (I also don’t like “your company”). There’s plenty of info and videos and stuff to sink your teeth into and impress me by letting me know you’ve actually done some research and that you WANT to work at 2D. Or at least you’d like to. Rather than you WANT some sort of job, or would at least like one….

Social etiquette tells me that I’m not allowed to email some of these people back telling them their emails to me are stupid and thusly so are they. I wish I could do that, even though it would no doubt waste a lot of my time. But what I can do is send out this message. If you’re applying for this position, feel free to in a professional, respectful and true manner. Mention to me that you’ve read this blog post, and don’t be overly shy or forward and you’re about 90% likely to get an interview. That’s it. Just say

“Hey, I’d love to learn more about this position and after reading your post I’d like to submit this resume. Look forward to getting more info and also having an opportunity to tell you more about myself.”

Or something to that affect. That line will get you an interview. I’m really tired of these phonies who think they want a real job and send a generic application to me. Something that I can tell they’ve sent to hundreds of other would be employers who they’ll probably never hear back from.

That being said, I have had a lot of great resumes and emails, too. Thank you to those of you who have done so, so far, you’ll find out who you are when I give you a call tomorrow to ask you to come in for an interview.

Rant Over

David Dvir

  • James

    … you know someone is going to copy that line and paste it into an e-mail and then wonder why they didn’t get the interview as promised.

    • David Dvir

      They’re welcome to, and they WILL get an interview. You’d be surprised, 6 applications since this post, not one has followed the tip… I continue to be surprised.

  • Kirsten

    Common sense isn’t so common.(Always wondered why we call it that)

    On the other hand I’ll see you Wednesday at 12.:)

  • David Dvir

    Still not a single new application from someone who has read this blog post. People these days just put SO little effort – I’m ever so disappointed, folks.

  • Josh

    I read the blog after I had already sent my reply and discussed what you’ve said with a friend. In doing so, I relised how valuable this information is because unlike most jobs you apply to, the applicants never hear what they’ve done wrong or never learn why they are still unemployed. Regardless of the outcome you have definetly change my outlook on the whole hiring process and the insight of the employer.

  • Courtney

    I sent an extremely specific and well written application. I am sad that I wasn’t considered :(

    • David Dvir


      Your application was received but the explicit images you attached raised some concerns. As intriguing as they were, I felt it best to extend my search for assistants to other candidates.


  • David

    Dude, you should realize your not some big shot photographer to even think that someone has to address you by your name. Your so fucking lame.

    • David Dvir

      I think you’ve missed the point of the post.. which kind of makes the point just as much about you as the people I was referring to (ironically). Also I’m not sure what being a “big shot photographer” has to do with manners, but the point was that people should work harder to get interviews than to spam their resume out there (or in your case read a blog post and understand it before commenting).

      I couldn’t care less if someone didn’t address me so long as their email was actually well put together.

      Anyway, I’m sorry for being lame, I guess that makes you the same though since you read lame blog posts and comment so that lame people can know your opinion.

      Thanks for your input!

      PS good luck!! I’m sure with that attitude you’re do well in life :).

  • Nathan

    I’d apply for the job, but I’m assuming it is a full time sorta deal.. So I’ll have to finish my education first! Would you mind waiting 3 years? :)

    • David Dvir


      Hehehe. Well we’re honoured at your consideration. Currently the position has been filled and we’re not looking to hire another assistant just yet. I can’t speak for three years from now, but perhaps by then there may be a spot available. If you are interested though we always love interns and welcome the thought at almost any time. Good luck with your academics!