Isaac Newton vs Rube Goldberg

So we’ve been making a lot of Rube Goldberg machines this year.  We’ll end 2012 with a total of six in fact, which, if you’d asked me the year before would have been six more than I would have guessed.

Anyhow, to close the year we wanted to deviate a bit from the usual and thought we’d make a more challenging Rube Goldberg machine.  We did.  This was definitely one of, if not, the most difficult projects we’ve done but man was it fun.  We’ll have some behind the scenes videos coming out shortly.  Unfortunately we’re a little busy with another Rube but we’re doing our best to get those videos out to you soon.

In the mean time we hope you enjoy this video!


David Dvir

  • Neegs

    Hi I wrote a brief post on your lastest Golberg. I wish your studio was in England, seems like a great place to work

    • David Dvir

      Hey Neegs,

      Thanks for the nice post!  I think it’s a fairly nice place to work, I must admit.  Anytime you’re in Toronto you’re welcome to stop by although I must warn you a may want to stick something in your fro.  I have an odd fascination with their ability to hold things :P.


      • DGrossman

        Sweet machine, I love how you guys used the force of gravity to make an already cool concept even sicker. I am actually also from Toronto and am currently working on a Rube Goldberg machine as a project for my International Business class. Myself along with my other group members have actually started our own blog as well, the link is We’d love if you could check it out and give us some feedback. We have some videos of our machine and so any ideas you could supply us with would be great. Thanks!