Do You Really Need to Bring Your Camera?

As photographers and videographers we all pretty much have some sort of camera.  Whether it’s a DSLR or a mirror SLR or something else, most of us have at least one “go-to” to bring along with us in order to document our adventures.

Recently I traveled to Vancouver for a little mini-vacation and I asked myself “do I need a camera?”.  The thing is while B.C. is completely beautiful and the sights are just… well let’s just say everywhere you look is like a motivational poster you saw in school.  Still, does recording that myself really do anything for me?

I wondered whether or not it aids me to have a camera.  I mean if I want to check out the scenery there’s plenty of photos I can search Google for and have a look at.  Does it matter if I took them?  Instead of toting around a camera, no matter how small, and being conscious of if I managed to get the shot I want perhaps I would enjoy simply.. enjoying.  As in maybe it would be nice to just use my eyes and try and appreciate what’s in front of me rather than appreciate the screen in front of me with awesomeness in front of it.

Sometimes what makes something beautiful is that it was hard work to get there.  Hiking a mountain is though and you earned that view but your camera didn’t and neither did the photos you’re taking.  Nothing can replace the in-person experience and I’m beginning to feel that cameras are starting to make us forget that.  At the end of the day I’d rather breathe that mountain air, listen to the breeze and soar above the clouds looking down from some mountain high than look at the photo I took while I was there.

I’m going to make an effort to not take any pictures on my next trip(s).  I’m going to try to simply appreciate the wonders I see and if I ever want to see them again I might just have to go back ;)!

Dave Dvir

  • Marlim

    Totally agree. Non saying the facebook photos riot.