5D MKIII vs D800 vs 5D MKII

March 2nd, 2012

So the new Canon 5D MKIII has been announced.  There’s a number of great write-ups about it already so go ahead and check them out if you haven’t.  I’m more interested in comparing the first looks of this new camera with those of the D800 from Nikon.

Now to be honest and fair, it must be said I haven’t had the privilege of wielding either of these bad boys so this entire post is essentially based on speculation.

If you’re comparing these two cameras the first thing I notice is the price difference.  Not huge but $500 is worth noting, the Nikon being on the lower end of that imbalance.

Next is the photo quality.  So from what I can gather, the D800 will boast a significantly higher resolution sensor but it will be likely giving up some low light quality along with perchance some dynamic range.  This toggles the favour over to the 5D MKIII although it’s tough to know how it will perform at high ISO’s as well, it does at least have a 2 stop edge on the D800 in their respective native ISO ranges.

But is photo quality what I think of when I think of the 5D?  Well no.  Not for me.  I’m not denying that it’s a great stills camera and it always has been.  But from my point of view one of the most amazing things that made the 5D MKII what it is today was its video abilities.  So I beg the question “What are we getting out of the 5D MKIII that we didn’t out of the mII?”.

The answer… not much it seems.  There are some nifty features they’ve added into the MKIII but honestly compared to the mII it doesn’t seem all that impressive.  It looks like Canon has focused on improving the photo quality of the camera while leaving the video quality relatively equal to that of it’s predecessor.  I do realize that the quality of video has improved in that they’re suggesting it handles moire better but that just isn’t enough for me.  Maybe I would have liked to see 1080p 60fps?  I’m not really sure.  And maybe their issue is that the 5D MKII was SO great.  How can they really improve on it?  Again I’m not sure.  But with the D800, in my opinion, offering a significant feature of clean video output while matching all the other specs it seems to me that the cheaper body from Nikon is the winner in this battle.

Sufficed to say that the ISO range doesn’t make much difference to me since I don’t image too many people are going to be thinking of the D800 as anything but a studio camera.  At least that’s my opinion of it with a 36MP sensor.

Again there’s lot so of testing to be done, and it may turn out that either camera could blow the other away after real comparisons are made.  In the mean time, I’m thinking that Canon was a bit late to the party offering a camera that’s quite similar to the D800 but more money and less new features compared to their respective predecessors.  For what I make out of the 5D MKIII it seems like the better option might be to stick to the 5D MKII.  Nearly half the price and much of the same features, the tried and true MKII might remain king of Canon’s lineup simply due to it’s hard to replace nature.

What are your thoughts?

Dave Dvir

Date Night Rube

February 14th, 2012

Oh would you please be our Valentine?  A couple of weeks ago Kevin had a great idea of a date themed Rube Goldberg machine.  We thought about it and realized that valentine’s day was coming up and so if we were ever going to pull it off, we should aim to do it quickly.  A short time later we began working on it and although we really had to rush since we were busy with a lot of actual work as well, we managed to put this short little thing together in time for the big day.  For all of you that enjoy this holiday, hope you like our video.  For those that don’t so much love this day of the year, well maybe you can just enjoy the Rube on a more fundamental level.

Thanks for watching!


More Detailed Photoshop Retouch Video

January 11th, 2012

A couple of weeks ago we pumped out our underwater behind the scenes video where we included every step of the photoshoot process. One of these steps was how we edited our images. We gave you guys the gist of it all but we thought we could do a more detailed version of a different image so in this video Kevin give a more informed look at his process. This is intended for the more advanced photoshoppers but hopefully everyone can appreciate it in some ways. Hope it helps some of you out there. Let us know if you want to see more videos like this in the future, too.

[There were a couple of issues with our screen capturing, so we have to apologize for some parts of the clip being a bit weird at times.]

David Dvir

The Camera Circle of Life

January 7th, 2012

Many people see investments like the new Nikon D4 as ridiculous. They cost an arm and a leg but how can anyone afford them? Well there’s something of a camera-circle-of-life out there involving your old gear that if you’re not a part of, you really should be.

When I buy a necessary items of equipment, like a camera, I like to think of it not as a piece of technology, but something that helps make my business run. I have a studio which I pay a constant rent for. I also renovated the location which cost me a decent amount, but when I think of my rent, I don’t include the cost of the renovation, just the monthly fee. Cameras should be seen in the same light. Yes I paid around $5K for my D3s two years ago. But I won’t be holding on to it if I buy a D4. Why would I? I’m going to sell it. I’ll probably receive around $4K for it and I’ll have to cover another $2K and change myself. This hike in price is also unusual as most replacement bodies come in at around the same price as their predecessor was when it was new. Normally, you’d need to cover about 20-25% of the cost of the camera if you sold your old one.

This, folks, is how we justify these purchases. It’s not that we’re simply dropping $6K happy-go-lucky styles. We’re continuing our “rent”. This difference in price is the rent we pay for our cameras. Yes we did put down a lot at some point, but forget about that. That investment is gone and you won’t be needing to recreate again. From now on, you need to put aside about $50, maybe $75 each month and you’ll be able to replace a D3s, or a D4 relatively easily. This camera rent will keep me and my company up to date with technologies for the foreseeable future. I even enjoy thinking that new technologies will be available and I’ll only have to drop 20% of the asking price in order to play with it myself.

For anyone on the fence about buying new gear, or any gear for that matter, I think it’s important to keep this notion in mind. You’ll have to make an initial investment. But when it comes time to upgrade you won’t be looking at reinvesting that same amount. The world of up-to-date gear may not be as scary as you once thought. And also keep in mind that the launch of the D4 means plenty of D3s’ and D3’s on the used market. Which likely means an increase in D700’s and D300s’, too. The circle of life goes on… enjoy my horrific drawing.

Thanks for reading,

Dave Dvir

Nikon D4 Announcement

January 6th, 2012

Everyone’s heard about this by now but incase you haven’t seen the video check it out. I know what I want for my birthday this year hehe. I think it’s available February 16th. The next 5 weeks will be hard to endure.

Dave Dvir

Got a New Piece of Furniture at the Studio

January 5th, 2012

This was a gift from a friend who was moving and didn’t want to hang on to it. How could I say no?? Thanks Ming!