LeatherVan (Small Sprinter)

The LeatherVan is a little less jam-packed than our Swiss Army Van; however it is designed to get smaller jobs done comfortably and on a budget. It has the same grip and fixture carts to help you get unloaded and up and running as quickly as possible. Unlike its bigger brother, we will only have one LeatherVan to begin with; but if demand grows then we will add more so that we can service anyone who prefers this package. 

Download PDF here.

Noteworthy Details:

  • Contents cannot be modified, although there is some space for a la carte items
  • External lift-gate with 1,200 lbs. capacity
  • Internal winch for loading and unloading heavy carts and items
  • Sprinter driver's base rate = $250/day (11+1 hours)
    • Overtime calculated at $25/hour - starts at the 11th hour of work door-to-door (lunch hour does not count): 1.5x for 11-14 hours; followed by 2x for 14-16 hours; followed by 3x for 16+ hours
    • 2D House will send a relief driver if jobs exceed 16 hours - no additional fees or work required
  • Grip expendables will be available for purchase

Rental Rates

: $650 + HST
: $250 + HST



2xSkyPanel S60-C
6xFull Apple
10x#1 Pony Clip (Small)
2xL-Series L7-C
4xHalf Apple10x#2 Pony Clip (Medium)
1xLS C300d
4xQuarter Apple5x#3 Pony Clip (Large)
3xLS-mini 20C
1xCrate of Pads (15)
6xCardellini 2" End Jaw
1xLiteMat+ Plus 4
1xCrate of Wedges (48)1xCardellini 6" End Jaw

4xSuper Mafer


6xGrip Head
C-Stand (Sliding Leg)
2x 6'x6' Frame /w Ears2xLollipop
2xC-Stand (Turtle Base)
1x 6'x6' Silk
2x750 Plate
4xBaby C-Stand (Sliding Leg)
1x6'x6' Single Net
2x2K Plate
1x6'x6' Double Net
4x750-2K Adapter
6x750 Triple Riser
2x6'x6' Solid
2xDuckbill Clamp
1x750 Double Riser /w Wheels
1x 6'x6' Silent Full Grid Cloth
1xMagic Arm
1x750 Triple Riser /w Wheels1x6'x6' Silent Lite Grid Cloth
15xSafety Chain
2x750 Boom1x8'x8' Ultra Bounce
4xScissor Clamp
4x 2K Double Riser1x6'x6' Litetools Eggcrate
2x3" C-Clamp
2x2K Triple Riser3xSmall (18"x24") Single Net2x6" C-Clamp
4x2K Lowboy3xSmall (18"x24") Double Net
2x10" C-Clamp
1x2K Boom2xSmall (18"x24") Silk
2xBig Ben Clamp

6xSmall (18"x24") Flag
2x2K Pipe Clamp

3xLarge (24"x36") Single Net
4xPipe Joiner
1xLaundry Tub3x Large (24"x36") Double Net
4xHard 90 Grid Clamp
1xTongue Dolly2xLarge (24"x36") Silk
4xSwivel Grid Clamp

6xLarge (24"x36") Flag
2x10' Grid Pipe

ELECTRIC1x4'x4' Single Net2x6' Grid Pipe
8x50' AC1x4'x4' Double Net
2x2' Grid Pipe
8x25' AC1x4'x4' Silk

6xCube Tap4x4'x4' Floppy


4x4'x4' Frame
25x25 lb. Sandbag

2x18"x48" Cutter45xTennis Balls

1x24"x72" Floppy Cutter4xPylon

1xFirst Aid Kit

1x6' Ladder

4xCable Mat

4xMoving Blanket

1xFire Extinguisher