Swiss Army Van (Large Sprinter)

The Swiss Army Van is extremely packed with grip equipment and LED lights that are intended to handle any small to medium commercial job. The main idea behind the way it is set up is that while we are delighted if you use every fixture on the van, we aim to provide as many solutions as possible to light your setup the way you want it. With the Swiss Army Van, versatility is our main objective.

Download PDF here.

Noteworthy Details:

  • Includes 100 km of mileage
    • A fee of $0.20/km applies after 100 km traveled
  • Sprinter driver's base rate = $250/day (11+1 hours)
    • Overtime calculated at $25/hour - starts at the 11th hour of work door-to-door (lunch hour does not count): 1.5x for 11-13 hours; followed by 2x for 13-15 hours; followed by 3x for 16+ hours
    • 2D House will send a relief driver if jobs exceed 16 hours - no additional fees or work required
  • Looking to put additional 2D House equipment on your vehicle? There is a $200.00 extra cargo fee.
  • Can upgrade to a cube truck at no additional cost
  • Grip expendables will be available for purchase on our vehicles


2D House now offers swings! 

email for more information!

Rental Rates

: $1000 + HST
: $250 + HST


1xSufa Bullet 800
1x8'x8' Frame /w Ears6xGrip Head
3xSkyPanel S60-C1x8'x8' Silk
6xCardellini 2" End Jaw
2xL-Series L7-C
1x8'x8' Single Net
1xCardellini 6" End Jaw
2xLS C300d
1x8'x8' Double Net
4xSuper Mafer /w 750 Pin
3xLS-mini 20C Kit
1x8'x8' Solid
1xMagic Arm
LiteMat+ Plus 4
1x8'x8' Silent Full Grid Cloth
2x750 Base Plate
LiteMat+ Plus 2L
1x8'x8' Silent Lite Grid Cloth
2xLollipop (4.5" Grip Head)
AX1 PixelTube
1x8'x8' B/W Grifflon2x2K Base Plate
AX3 LightDrop
1x8'x8' Ultra Bounce2x2K Pipe Clamp
1xAsteraBox CRMX2x6'x6' Frame /w Ears4x2K-750 Adapter

1x6'x6' Silk8xSafety Chain

STANDS1x6'x6' Single Net10x#1 Pony Clip (Small)
C-Stand (Sliding Leg)
1x6'x6' Double Net10x#2 Pony Clip (Medium)
C-Stand (Turtle Base)2x6'x6' Solid5x#3 Pony Clip (Large)
Baby C-Stand (Sliding Leg)1x6'x6' Silent Full Grid Cloth2x3" C-Clamp
6x750 Triple Riser1x6'x6' Silent Lite Grid Cloth2x6" C-Clamp
1x750 Double Riser /w Wheels1x6'x6' B/W Grifflon4xScissor Clamp
1x750 Triple Riser /w Wheels1x6'x6' Litetools Eggcrate4xHard 90 Grid Clamp
2x750 Premie1x4'x4' Single Net4xSwivel Grid Clamp
4x2K Double Riser (Aluminum)1x4'x4' Double Net2xGrid Pipe Joiner
2x2K Triple Riser (Steel)1x4'x4' Silk2x10' Grid Pipe
4x2K Lowboy4x4'x4' Floppy2x6' Grid Pipe
1xMinivator Crank Stand4x4'x4' Aluminum Frame /w 1x Styro Bounce2x2' Grid Pipe
2x750 Boom Arm2x18"x48" Cutter

1x2K Boom Arm1x24"x72" Floppy Cutter
2xMombo Combo /w Wheel Adapters
Small (18"x24") Flag Kit1xLaundry Tub

6xSmall Flag1xTongue Dolly

ELECTRIC3xSmall Single Net

10x50' AC3xSmall Double Net
10x25' AC2xSmall Silk30x25 lb. Sandbag
8xCube Tap
Large (24"x36") Flag Kit45xTennis Ball

6xLarge Flag4xCable Mat

WOOD/CRIBBING3xSmall Single Net1x6' Ladder
6xFull Apple3xSmall Double Net4xSound Blanket
4xHalf Apple2xSmall Silk4xPylon
4xQuarter Apple

1xFire Extinguisher
1xCrate of Pads (15)

1xFirst Aid Kit
1xCrate of Wedges (48)