Aputure Light Storm-mini 20C

The LS-mini 20C LED light is a COB design of Aputure Light Storm series. It features TLCI 97 and active fan cooling system with real time feedback of temperature circuit. With ultra silent fan and multi-power supply, the LS-mini20 offers you different lighting control requirements, and gets your broadcast-level photography jobs done easily.

Noteworthy Attributes:

  • Fully tuneable from 3,200K to 6,500K
  • Extremely portable

Rental Rates

: $44 + HST
: $132 + HST


Package Contents

  • 3x LS-mini 20C Light Unit
  • 3x AC Power Adapter
  • 3x Battery Adapter
  • 3x NP-F960 Battery
  • 3x Battery Charger
  • 3x D-Tap to XLR
  • 3x USB to XLR
  • 1x Carrying Case
Beam Angle20 to 60 Degrees
Colour Temperature3,200 to 6,500K
TLCI / CRI96 / 96
Power SupplyDC 5-18V
Power Consumption (Max)30W
Cooling ModeActive
Light Size (L x W x H)231 x 122 x 97 mm
Battery Size (L x W x H)86.5 x 59 x 37.8 mm