Astera NYX Bulbs Kit

The first color-tunable LED bulb designed for professional film, stage, and event productions, it features a CRMX receiver along with RF and Bluetooth modules compatible with the AsteraApp, despite its compact size comparable to a standard LED bulb. It can be powered through a lamp socket or a standard power bank. With its Titan LED engine, it delivers accurate colors and white tones with ultra-high CRI and TLCI. Offering full RGB+Mint+Amber and a CCT range of 1750-20000K, it ensures versatile and precise lighting.

Noteworthy Attributes:

  • Compact size, comparable to a standard LED bulb
  • Features a CRMX receiver
  • Ultra-high CRI (96) and TLCI (96)
  • Full RGB+Mint+Amber
  • CCT range of 1750-20000K
  • Controllable through Wireless DMX, Astera App, or PowerStation
  • Powered by AC power or DC power

One Day (Mon-Sun): $115 + HST
Full Week (7 Days): $345 + HST

Package Contents

  • Astera NYX Bulb
  • Astera NYX Bulb Power Station
  • Astera NYX Bulb DC Cable For Power Station
  • Astera NYX Bulb Cup Bouncer
  • Astera NYX Bulb USB Cable
  • Astera NYX Bulb Case
Total LED Power14 W
LED Power Draw10 W
Base TypeE26/E27
Color Temperature1750 to 20,000K
Beam Angle155°
Field Angle205°
Wired DMXNo
CRMX ReceiverBuilt-in
BluetoothBridge BTBBuilt-in
Weight240 g / 0.53 lbs
Dimensions L x W x D

70 mm x 130 mm / 2.76" x 5.12"

Color Temperature1750 to 20,000K
Color Accuracy StandardTLCI 96
CRI 96

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