Location Equipment

2D House now offers the following location equipment as rental items.

Rental rates exclude HST and are expressed as a single quantity item.

Download PDF here.

Location Table (6' or 8')$5$10$15$5
Location Chair (Padded or Steel)$2.50$5$7.50$2.50
Sandwich Board$10$20$30$10
Trash Bin (Garbage or Recycling)$2.50$5$7.50$2.50
Cigarette Butt Bucket$2$4$6$2
Black Tent$60$120$180$60
First Aid Kit$30$60$90$30
Fire Extinguisher$15$30$45$15
Mop Bucket /w Ringer$10$20$30$10
Push Broom$2.50$5$7.50$2.50
Director's Chair$10$20$30$10
Makeup Mirror$40$80$120$40