V-Lock Brick Battery

The V-Lock Battery is a lightweight battery able to power most cinematic cameras. The V-Lock Brick Battery Kit comes with four 150-V battery units and a charging unit.

We carry six different types of V-Lock batteries:

CORE Switronix 150 HELIX (14V/28V)
CORE Switronix NEO 150 MINI
CORE Switronix V-Mount 150-V
CORE Switronix V-Mount 98-V Nano
CORE Switronix V-Mount 98-V
CORE Switronix V-Mount 98-V Slim

Each battery has a P-tap power port and a two hour charge turnaround.

CORE SWX 150 HELIX (14V/28V)

One Day (Mon-Sun): $175 + HST
Full Week (7 Days): $350 + HST


CORE 150wH - Battery Kits Price

One Day (Mon-Sun): $110 + HST
Full Week (7 Days): $330 + HST

Package Contents
  • 4x Batteries
  • Optional: 3x Core SWX Hypercore 98 Nano V-Mount Battery (airplane safe - additional $75/day)
  • 1x Core SWX Q4S 4-Channel Fleet Charger
  • Charging Cables