Matthews CAM Tank

The Matthews CAM Tank is designed to accept all large format camera plates or direct mount to any large or medium format camera equipped with 3/8"-16 mounting holes. The CAM Tank was designed for extremely low shots, without taking away your ability to pan and tilt the camera. It is also used to achieve dutch angles when mounted to a fluid head, or shots designed to be pointed straight down off of a fluid head on a tripod or jib. The bottom of the plate has 17 strategically placed 3/8"-16 tapped holes spaced 1" apart, complying with Motion Picture Industry Standards. The system is CNC machined out of 6061 T6 aluminum, stainless steel hardware. The pan bearing uses a machined polyoqymethyline, delrin disk, which self lubricates and has an endurance rating of 100 times more than any plastic. The tilt system uses four premium NSK deep grooved ball bearings, made in Japan. Both pan and tilt functions come with brakes for lock off shots and camera safety.

Rental Rates

: $83 + HST
: $249 + HST
Pan Range
Tilt Range
30° in each direction
Weight Capacity
180 lbs (82 kg)
Minimum Camera Height
4" (101 mm)
10" x 7" (264 mm x 177 mm)

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