DJI Force Pro

Employing industry-leading communication technologies and control algorithms, DJI Force Pro is a camera movement control system that allows operators to control gimbals remotely with incredible accuracy. By precisely synchronising operator movement with camera movement, Force Pro allows operators to capture masterful shots more intuitively than ever. 

It is a compact controller compatible with the DJI Ronin 2 and Ronin-S, and with select third-party gimbals via an SBUS connection. 

Pan with it, tilt, hold it in your hand, mount it on your handlebars, mount it on your tripod plate, use it for up to five hours to wirelessly control your gimbal from up to 1.8 miles away. 

It operates with only 10 ms of latency over the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequencies, allowing you to be in near real-time sync with your gimbal. It also allows you to remotely adjust 3-axis speed. Also, alternative to wireless operation, the Force Pro can be used wired over an optional cable up to 98' in length.

Product Highlights

  • Wireless Long-Range Gimbal Controller
  • Compatible with DJI Ronin 2 and Ronin-S
  • Supports 3rd-Party Gimbals via SBUS
  • 1.8 Mile Distance; 10 ms Latency
  • 98' Wired Distance
  • Adjust 3-Axis Speed
  • 2.4 and 5.8 GHz Dual Frequency
  • Up to 5-Hour Operation
  • Adapter for Mounting on Various Supports

Rental Rates

: $83 + HST
: $249 + HST
• DJI Ronin 2
• Ronin-S
• MoviPro
• third-party gimbals with SBUS connection
1.8 miles / 3 Km (wireless),  98' / 30 m (wired)
10 ms
Wireless Frequency
2.4 and 5.8 GHz dual frequency
1/4"-20 mounting thread
Operating Temperature
-20° to 40°C / -4° to 104°F
Charging Temperature
0° to 35°C / 32° to 95°F
Operating Current
0.16 A
Power Consumption
3.85 V
DC In9-26 V
DC Out
5 V / 1 A
Battery Type
1 x Built-In

Capacity (mAh)
• 4750 mAh

Capacity (Wh)
• 18.21 Wh

Battery Runtime
• 5-hours

Battery Charge Time
• 2.5-hours

Battery Chemistry
• Lithium-Ion
1 x USB

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