Aerocrane Jib

The Aerocrane has been proven to be one of the most versatile, variable-length jib arms.  The Aerocrane can be built to a length of 9’6” in one-foot increments and reaches a height of 7’10” above its base.  It is able to carry a remote head and full camera package (140lbs), over or underslung at a length of 8’5”.

The lightweight Aero Jib’s modular functionality allows for three fixed-length versions: short, medium, or long. The maximum lens height is 8’5”, with an arm length range of 5’ to 11’. Additionally, it can carry a top-mounted or underslung remote head and a full camera package of up to 100 pounds at any of the arm lengths. Check out the technical diagrams below for detailed measurement specs.

Dolly Grips appreciate the built-in adjustable dampening feature, which provides for a fluid head movement that reaches beyond conventional support systems. With its sliding counterweights, the Aero Jib offers smooth operation and balance at any length. The Aero Jib’s easy assembly allows the arm to be mounted on a dolly within minutes, giving your crew the time and flexibility to make the most of the filming day.

Working with the Aero Jib crane offers filmmakers the freedom to go beyond the conventional, giving them the ability to create unique shots without compromising quality. If you are looking to achieve compound moves with minimal time and effort, the Aero Jib crane is the best choice.

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Rental Rates

: $400 + HST
: $1200 + HST