Kino Flo Celeb 850

The Celeb 850 LED DMX joins Kino Flo’s family line of LED soft lights. One of the largest LEDs in the industry, the Celeb 850 measures 45 x 26 inches (114 cm x 66 cm). Light output is 111 FC at 10 feet (1251 LUX at 3M) but only uses 5.0A (120V AC). The Celeb 850 has three menu options, one white and two color menus. Those who prefer to work with white light can use the "white menu" that gives the user access to dimming, Kelvin, and green/magenta control channels. Kelvin range is from 2,700K tungsten to 6,500K daylight.

Noteworthy Attributes:

  • Kelvin presets
    • Dial-in color temperature control between 2,700K and 6,500K
    • Extended color palette from 2,500K to 9,900K
    • Can use preset buttons to store custom Kelvin settings
    • Light levels do not change when selecting Kelvin settings
  • Green/Magenta control
  • Hue angle and saturation adjustments
  • RGB control
  • Works with apps with predetermined RGB presets or color wheels
  • No color shift while dimming
  • Color-correct with high color rendering index (CRI 95)
  • Universal input 100V AC to 240V AC
  • Energy efficient; draws 5.0A, 120 V AC
  • Flicker-free, quiet operation
  • Full range on-board and DMX dimming
    • DMX wireless link (Lumen Radio)
    • DMX auto-terminate
  • Fixture includes removable 90-Degree Honeycomb Louver
    • Honeycomb louver also available in 60-Degree as accessory
  • Slim profile
  • Center mount
  • Mounts to stand or can hang easily from a grid
  • Accessory molded corners also used for four-point rope hang

Rental Rates

: $275 + HST
: $825 + HST

Package Contents

  • Celeb 850 Light /w Built-In DMX Box
  • 90-Degree Louver Honeycomb
  • Carrying Case
Input Voltage100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 575 W
4.1 A at 2,700-6,500
2.2 A at 2,500-9,900
Color TemperatureWhite Menu: 2,700-6,500K
Color Menu: 2,500-9,900K
DMXYes, via cable or on-board wireless Lumen Radio
Use of Lumen Radio requires separately purchased transmitter
Color ControlsKelvin temperature
Color presets such as blue or green screen
Hue angle
RGB control
Dimming Range100-1%
Dimensions45 x 25.5 x 6.0" (114 x 65 x 15 cm)
Weight40 lb (18 kg)

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