The GF-Jib Arm was designed to function as a stable, solid jib specifically for heavier camera packages up to 60 kg / 132 lbs. It comes packed onto one trolley with weights and accessories. Its manual length adjustment allows it to be quickly set at the required length. The counterweight arm of the GF-JIB is telescopic and can be easily adjusted to the required length with just a few turns of the crank to ensure perfect balance at any angle. The GF-Jib Arm is meant to be used in conjunction with the GFM Primo Dolly. 

Rental Rates

: $350 + HST
: $1050 + HST
Reach (Retracted)
133cm / 4'4"
Reach (Extended)
188cm / 6'1"
Rear (Retracted)
48cm / 1'7"
Rear (Extended)
103cm / 3'5"
Lift Range (Retracted)
186cm / 6'1"
Lift Range (Extended)
256cm / 8'4"
Tilt Angle
Max Payload (Retracted)
60 kg / 132 lbs
Max Payload (Extended)
40kg / 88 lbs
Max Counterweight
120 kg / 264 lbs (10 x 12 kg)
Jib Mount
Euro Adapter (Mitchell Available)
Camera Head
Euro Adapter to Bowl or Mitchell
Jib Weight
42 kg / 92 lbs

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