Grip Hardware

2D House carries a wide assortment of grip hardware items to suit your production needs.

Heads & Arms

Grip Head: The standard 2.5" grip head is the strongest and most popular in the industry. Plates feature 3/8" and 5/8" mounting holes.

Lollipop: Large 4.5" grip head with a 2K spigot for use with 2K receiver stands.

Grip Arm (40" or 20"): Made of stainless steel with a grip head is attached to one end. T-Handles are ergonomically designed to allow for fast, efficient, safe tightening with little effort.

Manfrotto Magic Arm: A fully articulated arm with 90-degree pivotable and 360-degree rotatable ends, and an elbow that rotates 360 degrees. The knob allows partial loosening for safe and precise positioning of a light head or camera. It has 5/8" studs on ball joints at both ends with 3/8 and 1/4" female threads. Available for rent with two Super Mafers or Grip Head attachments.


Cardellini Clamp (2" End Jaw, 6" End Jaw, 3" Center Jaw, 3/8" Mini): Provides strong, solid gripping of round, square, or rectangular tubing and many other common and irregular shapes. Features ergonomic handle design and reinforced jaws, and the shaft is 1010 chrome plated steel.

Super Mafer Clamp: Strengthened to withstand greater clamping pressure than any other clamp of its kind, the Super Mafer Clamp is now even more diversely effective. The protective pads in the jaws have been reformulated for better gripping action. One pin included with each clamp.

Duckbill Clamp: Also referred to as a Quacker or Platypus Clamp. Ideal for positioning foam core or bead board.

Scissor Clamp: Made to attach to the dropped ceiling tile support rails found in many offices, the Scissor Clamp affords the mounting of small lighting instruments on its baby pin without the need for a stand.

C-Clamps with 750 Spigot  (6", 8", 10",12"): Used for holding wood/cribbing, metal, or other work pieces in place.

C-Clamps with 2K Receiver (8", 10",12"): Used for holding wood/cribbing, metal, or other work pieces in place.

Big Ben Clamp: A "cheeseboro" clamp with a 1-1/8" pin attached to it serves multiple purposes. Use it with a piece of pipe with a diameter of 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" as a temporary overhead grid.

Double Ear Clamp: Used for hanging two parallel frames at a consistent 10" separation on all sides either vertically or horizontally on just two lighting stands. The Double Ear Clamp was designed to simultaneously hold LED lighting panels or tubes and parallel diffusion, guaranteeing even light dispersion while offering easy re-positioning. It also offers versatility in applications where more than one light modifier such as gels and diffusion are required on a light source. The Double Ear Clamp construction features offset bends for easy maneuvering, thick welded gussets for strength, and accepts 1" square tubing.

Spring Clip (#1 Small, #2 Medium, #3 Large): Also referred to as a Pony Clip. Available in three sizes.


750 Plate (3" Straight or 12" Right Angle): This piece of equipment has almost as many names as it has uses. Originally designed for mounting 750 fixtures to the top of set walls, they are also used as the world's lowest stand, and can be nailed to the floor or cribbing.

2K Base Plate: Functions very much the same way as a 750 Plate, but it's made with a heavier plate and a 1-1/8" Posi-V-Lock receiver for larger lights.


750-2K Adapter: Machined from solid steel, the 750-2K Adapter is exceptionally strong. Used to convert 750 male to 2K female. Sometimes referred to as a "butt plug" in the industry.

Pipe & Rigging Hardware

Grid Pipe: Aluminum 2" (with an inner diameter of 1.5") Grid Pipes. Pipe ranging in length from 2' to 20' available.

Hard 90 Grid Clamp: Also referred to as a Right Angle Grid Clamp. Exceeds tensile strength at 17,000 pounds.

Swivel Grid Clamp: Virtually unbreakable when the ultimate in strength is required. Clamp will grip 1-1/4" pipe (1.660) OD minimum diameter, to a maximum of 1-1/2" Pipe (1.990) OD.

Pipe Joiner: For connecting two pipes together to make a longer pipe.

750 or 2K Pipe Clamp: Has a uniquely designed hook molded into the clamp which keeps the clamp on the pipe even with a light fixture attached while the bolt is being tightened. The 2K Pipe Clamp terminates in a 2K receiver and also has a safety chain and cotter pin attached.

32" Safety Chain: 1/8" wire cable used for hanging lighting fixtures.

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