RED Komodo-X

Continuing its legacy of a compact design, the RED Komodo-X packs advanced I/O options for enhanced professional monitoring, cabling, and power.

Key Features:

Expanded I/O Array: Advanced monitoring, audio, and livestream capabilities with 12G SDI for up to 4K 60P output and 1080P IP livestream.

Locking RF Mount: Secure and robust RF mount system with a new locking mechanism, compatible with RED RF-PL adapters.

Media: Uses high-performance CFexpress Type B media, offering up to 17 hours of recording with a 4TB card and 3x faster offloading than CFast media.

Micro V-Lock: Adopted from the V-Raptor, this battery interface ensures efficient and high-capacity power options while keeping the camera compact. Compatible with REDVOLT Nano-V batteries and offers flexibility with rear M4 mounting screws.

Network-Enabled: USB Type-C interface for fast 5Gbps network control, cloud connectivity, app-based multi-cam control, and 1080P livestreaming. Also compatible with RED Connect and RED Control Pro.

Interface Expansion: Powerful systems that include USB Type-C interfaces, Ethernet offloading, timecode, and genlock compatibility.

Touch Screen Display: Integrated LCD for control and image preview. Supports DSMC3 touch monitor and offers tactile on-camera buttons, including multifunctional record buttons.

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Rental Rates

: $700 + HST
: $2100 + HST

Package Contents

  • Red Komodo-X 6k S35 Body
  • Cage For Red Komodo/Komodo-X, Bright Tangerine Nato Top Handle
  • Bright Tangerine 15mm
  • Lws Top Bar
  • Bracket For Nato Top Handle
  • Bright Tangerine Run/Stop Top Plate For Red DSMC3
  • Tilta V-Mount Battery Plate For Red V-Raptor,
  • Tilta DSMC3 I/O Module For Red V-Raptor/Komodo-X
  • DZOfilm PL Lens To Canon RF-Mount Adapter
  • 3-Prong AC To IEC Power Cable
  • Red DSMC AC Power Adaptor Pack
  • CFexpress Data Kit & Core SWX V-Lock Battery Kit