Fabrics & Frames

All of our fabrics and frames are from Matthews and come in varying sizes with their respective matching frames.

Single Net$28$31$40$60
Double Net$28$31$40
Silent Full Grid$28$35$45$60
Silent Light Grid$28$35$45$60
B/W Grifflon$28$30$40$60
Chroma KeyX$50$80$180
Soft Eggcrates by Lighttools (50 Degree) 
Silver Matthflector
Square Tube Frame w/ Frame Ears

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Single Net - Reduces light intensity by 0.6 stops without changing the pattern or colour temperature.

Double Net - For a greater reduction of light intensity (1.2 stops) without changing the pattern or colour temperature.

Artificial Silk (White) - Softens and diffuses direct light by 1.6 stops and introduces a significant amount of ambient bounce.

Solid - Heavy black cloths that provide complete coverage of light, regardless if it's natural or artificial. Solids can also control spill from other light sources, or to keep light from reaching certain areas on the set.

Silent Full Grid Cloth - 2.6 stops of full light diffusion. Silent grid cloths are ideal for windy outdoor conditions.

Silent Light Grid Cloth - Medium diffusion of light (2.0 stops). Introduces a considerable amount of ambient bounce and cuts down extraneous noise.

Black/White Grifflon - Soft white reflector on one side, flat black on the other.

Chroma Key Green Screen  - Used for green screen work and digital backgrounds.

Soft Eggcrates by Lighttools (50 Degree) - Reduces spill by blocking off-axis light at right angles to the diffuser. It also reduces near-to-far light ratio which creates a more even light.

Ultrabounce by The Rag Place - This highly versatile fabric is lightweight and waterproof. The Ultrabounce has a white side that provides a soft, even bounce without any hot spot and a matte black side which can be used for negative fill or masking.

Silver Matthflector - Provides hard reflection of light.


Square Tube Frame w/ Frame Ears - All of our frames are 1" and come with Quick Reverse Ears that can easily mount the frames into a variety of stands. We also carry the Matthews Double Ear for mounting two frames on two stands, thereby reducing the footprint of your setup. Ideal for use with the LiteGear LiteTile+ Plus 8 or LiteTile+ Plus 4 and your favourite diffusion!