EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Battery

The EcoFlow battery is the epitome of power on the go. Instead of requiring any input, like a normal gas generator, the EcoFlow battery is a silent way to output up to 7000W of power at the push of a button. It is also modifiable - able to link together several batteries together to increase the capacity so that you can maintain power of the course of an entire day. With the ability to output enough power to light up an M40, you can find and endless number of way to use the EcoFlow batteries on set.

Noteworthy Attributes:

  • 7000W Output
  • Able to Power an M40
  • Incredibly Quiet
  • Able to Link Multiple Batteries Together to Increase Storage

Inverter + Battery Pack:

 $300 + HST

 $900 + HST

Two Battery Pack: 

$100 + HST

 $300 + HST

Inverter + Five Battery Package: 

$500 + HST

 $1500 + HST


The base package of the battery comes with one inverter and one battery, but you can order more batteries in packs of two. If you need the five battery package, we can provide it either as one full cart or separated into the inverter/battery base and two separate two-battery packages.

Net Weight31.7 kg (70 lb)
Dimensions690 x 481 x 214 mm (27.2 x 18.9 x 8.4 in)
Wi-FiFrequency range 2,412-  2,462MHz/2,422-2,452MHz
Maximum output power 0.3597W
BluetoothFrequency range 2,402 - 2,480MHz
Maximum output power 0.0109W
AC OutputDischarging Pure sine, 7,200W total, 120V/240V - 60Hz
Bypass 100-120V-30A total, 50Hz/60Hz
USB PortsUSB-A (x 2) 5V-2.4A, 12W max per port, total 24W
USB-C (x 2) 5/9/12/15/20V-5A, 100W max per port, total 200W
DC Output12.6V-30A, 378W max
AC InputCharging 100-120V-15A, 200-240V-12.5A, 50/60Hz
Bypass 100-120V-15A, 50/60Hz (duration 3hrs when the current exceeds 12A)
Power Input/Output100-120-30A, 200-240V-30A, 50/60Hz
High-PV80-450V-15A max, 4,000W max
Low-PV30-150V-15A max, 1,600W max
TemperatureDischarging temp -20C to 45C (-4F to 113F)
Charging temp -20C to 45C (-4F to 113F)
Storage temp -20C to 45C (-4F to 113F) (optimum -20C to 45C (68C to 86F))
Altitude3,000 m (9,842 ft)
IP RatingIP54
Noise Level30 dB
UPSBackup UPS 20 ms, online UPS 0 ms
Communication MethodBluetooth & Wi-Fi , 4G