Matthews 35" Slider

This MSE slider has been designed to be extremely sturdy, lightweight and versatile in any setup. It can be used flat on the ground or table top, raised up on stands, with leveling legs for uneven terrain, and also mounted to a dolly. The MSE slider uses specially designed wheels which make it very fast and extremely quiet, a very important feature. With its solid construction, the MSE slider can be used upside down for ultra low angle shots. Dozens of 3/8 inch tapped holes throughout the slider give you freedom to mount any extras you may need as well.

Noteworthy Attributes:

  • 35" / 3' Slider Rails
  • 175lbs (80kg) Max Load Capacity
  • Mitchell Mount for top and bottom mount can be adapted to bowl mounts with Bowl Adapters from dutti dolly kits
  • Can be supported by attachable leveling feet for low shots or 750 Monopod stands

Rental Rates

: $250 + HST
: $750 + HST
  • Matthews 35" Slider Kit
  • Matthews 35" Slider
  • Castle Nut
  • Dutti Dolly Mitchell Riser Plate
  • (x4) Dutti Dolly 2.5" Mitchell Plate Risers
  • (x8) 3/8-16 3/4" Flat Socket Cap Screw
  • (x2) Matthews Slider Leveling Support Feet
  • (x4) 5/16 Hex Bolts (for Leveling Support Feet)
  • 5/16 Allen Key
  • 3/16 Allen Key
  • Matthews 35" Slider Rolling Case
  • Matthews Slider Ratchet Strap Holder
  • 3/8 Thread to 750 w/ Lockoff for Slider Monopod Stand
  • (x2) 750 Double Riser Monopod Stand (for Matthews Slider)
  • Dutti Dolly Tiedown