Arri M-Series M40

A member of the ARRI M-Series, the M40 is a lens-less system that unifies the advantages of Fresnel and PAR fixtures. The unit is open face and thus very bright: around 30 % brighter than an AS40 in spot. Due to its unique, patented MAX Technology reflector, it is also focussable over a range of 18 to 52° Half Peak Angle. The M40 gives a remarkably even beam spread that casts crisp shadows over the whole focus range. The reflector characteristics is optimised for 4,000 W lamps, but can also be used with 2,500 W lamps.

The lamphead is equipped with a CCL module (Compensation of Cable Losses). When operated with the ARRI EB 2.5/4 kW High-Speed AutoScan with CCL, full power is maintained all the way to the lamp even when very long cables are used. This means uniformly high light output independent from cable length.

Noteworthy Attributes:

  • Lens-less MAX Technology: Easy to use
  • Around 30 % brighter than AS 40
  • Compensation for Cable Losses (CCL)
  • Tubular steel yoke
  • Two disk brakes with steel handles
  • Cross-Cooling allows safe operation at extreme tilt angles
  • Suitable for high frame rate images
  • IP Rating IP23

Rental Rates

: $950 + HST
: $2850 + HST
Lamphead Type
Open Face with Facetted Reflector, 2,500 / 4,000 W
Power Consumption
4,000 W / 2,500 W
Voltage Range
200 V / 115 V
Correlated Color Temperature
6,000 K
Beam Angle
18° to 52° (with 4,000 W lamp)
Weight in lbs. net*
approx. 43.97 lbs
Accessory Diameter in mm
400 mm

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