Aputure Electro Storm CS15

The Electro Storm CS15 is a 1500W full-color LED fixture offering ultra-high color quality and professional features, including dual accessory mounts (Bowens and electronic Aputure), advanced connectivity, and IP65 dust and water resistance. Comparable to 1800W HMIs in brightness, it stands out as the most powerful and color-accurate point-source fixture on the market. It supports expanded color controls across a wide CCT range (2000K to 10000K) with high SSI ratings, and features advanced liquid cooling for optimal performance. The fixture is compatible with motorized accessories for remote adjustments, enhancing workflow efficiency, and includes connectivity options like Sidus Link, LumenRadio CRMX, Art-net, sACN, and 16-bit DMX512, making it suitable for the most demanding filming environments.

Noteworthy Attributes:

  • Full Colour 1585W Point-Source LED
  • 2000K to 10000K Colour Temperature
  • Green/Magenta Adjustable
  • Compatible with Bowens and New Electronic Aputure Mount
  • IP65 Dust and Water Resistant
  • 15 Built-In Lighting Effects

One Day (Mon-Sun): $450 + HST

: $1350 + HST


Additional Accessories

Package Contents

  • Aputure Electrostorm CS15 Light Kit
  • Aputure Electrostorm CS15 Light
  • Aputure CS15 Yoke (2k Spigot)
  • Aputure CS15 Cob Protective Cover
  • Aputure CS15Control Box (20 Amp Outlet Required)
  • Aputure CS15 Control Box Trolly
  • Aputure CS15 16-Pin Headcable (50 Ft)
  • Aputure CS15 Lp-24 To Nema Power Cable (20 Amp Outlet Required)
  • Aputure CS15 Barndoor/Reflector Kit
  • Aputure CS15 Mount Hyper Reflector Narrow
  • Aputure CS15Mount Hyper Reflector Medium
  • Aputure CS15 Mount Hyper Reflector Wide
  • Aputure CS15 Barndoor
  • Aputure CS15 Mount Adapter For Barndoor
  • Aputure CS15 Reflector Kit Rolling Case
Light SourceRGBW LED
CCT Range2000 - 10,000 K
TLCI / CRI97+/96.5+
Cooling MethodActive Cooling
Power Supply100-240V/50-60Hz/ 23A-9A
Max Power Output1585W
Max Power Consumption2200W
Accesory MountBowens Mount / Aputure Auto-Calibrating Mount
DimensionsLamp Head w/o Yoke: 45.7 x 35.2 x 28.1cm / 17.99 x 13.86 x 11.06in
Control Box: 27.3 x 26.2 x 55.0cm / 10.75 x 10.31 x 21.65inv
WeightLamp Head w/ Yoke: 18kg / 39.7lbs
Control Box: 19kg / 41.9lbs
Aputure Mount 20º Reflector 3.8kg / 8.4lbs
Aputure Mount 35º Reflector 1.5kg / 3.3lbs
Aputure Mount 50º Reflector 1.2kg / 2.7lbs
Barn Doors for Aputure Mount Reflectors (35º / 50º) 1.5kg / 3.3lbs