At 2D House we have a wide assortment of stands from Matthews for you to choose from.


Standard C-Stand (Sliding Leg or Turtle Base)


'Baby' C-Stand


750 Triple Riser Stand


750 Rolling Stand 

        Double Riser 

        Triple Riser



Preemie Stand


2K Stand 

        Aluminum Double Riser 

        Steel Triple Riser



Mombo Combo /w Wheel Adapters


Super Vator III$150
Lowboy Super Vator III$100

Minivator II Crank Stand


2K Boom
750 Boom

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Standard C-Stand (Sliding Leg or Turtle Base) - The Standard C-Stand is a 40" double riser with spring loaded folding legs. It comes with a grip head and arm. It has a black finish and its maximum height is 126".

'Baby' C-Stand - The 'Baby' C-Stand is a 20" double riser with spring-loaded folding legs. It comes with a grip head and arm. It has a black finish and its maximum height is 63". Our 'Baby' C-Stands come with a sliding leg.

750 Stands

750 Triple Riser Stand - The 750 Triple Riser Stand is a non-rolling triple riser with a rocky mountain leg. Legs are made of steel instead of aluminum to provide greater stability and longer wear. The top riser which is the smallest in diameter is also made of steel, increasing its strength and permitting the 750 pin to be welded directly to the riser instead of being pinned. Maximum height is 148".

750 Rolling Stand (Double Riser or Triple Riser) - These very popular rolling lighting stands for 750 fixtures, which require a 750 pin, are made with steel legs and riser assembly. The tripod braced base with 'all-axis' non-marking locking casters provides great stability. Maximum height is 116".

Preemie Stand - Heavy-duty and rugged, these aluminum and steel stands can withstand the rigours of location shooting. Preemie Stands are made with square tubular legs for additional strength. Maximum height is 69".

2K Stands

2K Stand (Aluminum Double Riser or Steel Triple Riser) - The 2K Stand is aluminum-made with a wide footprint, and has long legs to provide increased stability. It is complete with a rocky mountain leg and steel construction. Maximum height is 136".

2K Lowboy Stand - This double riser is a smaller and lighter version of the standard 2K stand. It is made of aluminum and has a wider footprint and longer legs to provide increased stability. It is complete with a rocky mountain leg and steel construction. Maximum height is 76.5".

Mombo Combo /w Wheel Adapters - The Mombo Combo Stand achieves an incredible height of 22.3 feet. Because of its height, it features an extra-wide base and incorporates a collar for attaching stabilizing guy wires or ropes. The Mombo Combo legs are made of 1.25" square steel tubing and are internally reinforced with a Matthews engineered gusset assembly. The Mombo Combo's rocky mountain leg will offset uneven terrain to ensure a firm, stable, and sturdy footprint. Mombo Combo Wheel Adapters can be added to stands for easier mobility.

Minivator II Crank Stand - A 90-pound maximum and a rocky mountain leg makes the Minivator II Crank Stand ideal for location work. The durable, double cable mechanism keeps both risers traveling at equal proportions with each turn of the handle ensuring firm and steady movement of the lighting fixture to the maximum height. 38 turns will take the fixture to its maximum height. A "Combo" dual purpose top casting allows for use of both 750 pins and 2K receiver fixtures. Maximum height is 142".

Other Stands

Slider Stand - Strong, wide-based stand with a low working height for those using camera sliders and Speed Rail Systems. Comes standard with two rocky mountain legs for easy leveling on hills, mountainsides, rocky environments, stairs and most other uneven terrain. The Slider Stand minimum working height measures 12" lower than the standard 2K Lowboy, giving the camera operator a POV range from hip to eye level.


750 Boom - This boom utilizes a much heavier duty tilt-locking device and can be mounted on a stand with either a 2K receiver or a 750 pin. The 750 boom extends from 45" to over 80" and weighs 11 pounds.

2K Boom - The largest and heaviest duty boom currently made by Matthews. The 2K boom measures 68" when fully collapsed and will extend to over 10 feet. The 2K Boom has a 25-pound counter balance weight attached and features the same tilt locking and mounting mechanism found on the 750 boom. It extends from 67.5" to 120" long, and weighs 41 pounds.