Bimbo - July 2012

Grupo Bimbo is the largest baking company in the world and have their headquarters located in Santa Cruz near Mexico City. Their bread division commissioned two national television commercials for the launch of their newest product line - Doble Fibra (double fibre). The premise for the 20 second commercial was to have a Rube Goldberg machine, comprised of items found in a kitchen, make a sandwich from scratch in 17 seconds. The piece of bread and plate traveled around a kitchen along the counters, which turned out to be over 25 feet, to be delivered to a subject waiting at the end! Once again we found ourselves using kitchen utensils and appliances in unconventional ways. The 10 second spot is a simpler Rube Goldberg machine incorporating some of the same elements from the longer commercial. Both of these machines were built and filmed in Mexico City over a two week span.

All In Against Aids - July 2012

We were contacted by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation to design a Rube Goldberg machine that could depict the development of AIDS research over the last 30 years. The foundation provided the narration and we illustrated these important landmarks with different elements in the machine. Unlike a typical Rube Goldberg machine this machine does not have a final element. The machine dramatically and abruptly ends as the red globe is taken off its track. The machine and the narration were both developed in this manner to emphasize the need to continue AIDS research. This video was shown after the International AIDS Conference in Washington DC in July of 2012. The true finale was when Bill Gates walked on stage holding the red globe from the video in his hand.

Date Night Rube - February 2012

The "Date Night" Rube Goldberg machine was conceived, designed, built, filmed and edited in the two weeks leading up to Valentines day in 2012. This was an in-house project that combines humour and romance; it was our first foray into story telling with a Rube Goldberg machine. This video also went viral, and has been featured on television in Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, and Japan.



Target Fresh Machine - September 2011

2D House was commissioned to design a Rube Goldberg machine that would consist almost exclusively of kitchen appliances and fresh fruit. This "Fresh Machine" was the centrepiece for a live interactive display for the launch of a fresh food campaign at Target stores in Texas, US. The machine was designed, built and filmed over a two month period at the 2D House studio. The testing and filming proved to be a challenging experience, as the fresh fruit and vegetables often times would need to be interchanged and could result in re-calibrating elements of the machine to account for the slight change in size and or weight. Despite these inconveniences, it was a lot of fun working on this project and getting to utilize the various kitchen appliances in unconventional ways.

2D Photography Rube Goldberg - July 2011

This Rube Goldberg machine was inspired and designed with a photography theme in mind. During the design phase of this machine we contacted various photography equipment companies and sponsors to donate supplies to be used in the video - helping us achieve 131 unique elements in the machine. Three months were spent designing and figuring out all of the logistics of this machine, followed by two months of fabrication, and finishing off with one week of filming and editing. This machine still is to date our longest in length and was shot in one continuous take. The video comes in at just under 4 minutes in length and the machine occupied the majority of the studio at 2D House. After its release the video went viral within two days, and has since reached several million views. This video has been featured on Japanese Television, MSNBC in the United States and in various other countries around the world.