2D House is currently in the construction phase of six studios in our new location. These studios are primarily designed to be combined with our new LED lighting department and are mainly focused on (but not in any way limited to) commercial usage. 

All of our studios can have the walls painted. However, we are trying to avoid costs by simply having a few of them already setup to suit most needs. 

In addition to studios with ample power and support options we plan on having a full kitchen for use for any food related production (meant primarily to be a prep kitchen). It will be directly adjacent to our smallest studio. As well, there will be a full carpenter's workshop available on site to aid on any set or art department fronts. 

Additionally, there will be plenty of production offices available for every studio, as well as a separate and private makeup/hair room for each studio. 

Studio Alpha
2,000 Sqf/200A 3-Phase Power
White Cyc
Studio Bravo
1,500 Sqf/200A 3-Phase Power
Black walled, No Cyc
Studio Charlie
1,150 Sqf/100A 3-Phase Power
Green Cyc
Studio Delta
1,150 Sqf/100A 3-Phase Power
Black walled, No Cyc
Studio Echo
750 Sqf/100A 3-Phase Power
White Cyc
Studio Foxtrot
600 Sqf/100A 3-Phase Power
White walled, No Cyc