Vortex8 - RGBW LED Panel

Elevate your production with the Creamsource Vortex8, a premium LED lighting solution engineered for versatility and resilience. This 2×1 RGBW system, featuring a variable CCT range from 2200K to 15000K, offers unparalleled flexibility in lighting design.

Dynamic Range and Power: With 650W of LED power, it provides an output equivalent to an HMI 1.2Kw Fresnel. Its native 20° beam angle delivers intense punch and can be diffused for varied effects.

IP65 Water Resistance: Designed to withstand unpredictable weather and challenging environments, the Vortex8 is IP65 rated for water resistance. Rain, snow, or dust, this light stands resilient, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

Advanced Connectivity and Control: It offers advanced connectivity options for professional use, with a built-in power supply ensuring seamless operation.

High-Speed Shooting Capability: Optimized for diverse applications, the Vortex8 supports high-speed modes, allowing for shooting at up to 5000fps, catering to a wide range of filming requirements.

Silent Operation: The high power output is matched with an active cooling system featuring nearly silent fans, ensuring effective heat dissipation without disrupting the set.

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Rental Rates

: $400 + HST
: $1200 + HST


Package Contents

  • VORTEX8 LED Panel
  • Standard Diffusion Panels
  • DoPChoice Snapbag + Snapgrid
  • Power Cable
  • Rolling Hard Case