Wooden Camera 138mm Round Clip-on Filter Zip-box

The Zip box 138mm Round holds one 138mm filter or diopter and clamps to the front of lenses between 80 and 115mm in exterior lens diameter. It can hold a 138mm diopter of any strength due to the open front of the Zip Box. The lens shade design allows for even the widest lenses and sensor sizes to be covered without vignetting. Zip Box is extremely lightweight and weighs about the same as a standard filter, making it perfect for gimbal and drone use. The stainless steel components and unibody rubber design are very durable and stand up to the toughest conditions.

Noteworthy Attributes:

  • Weight: 136g (0.3 lbs) 
  • Does not require additional tools. 
  • Can not use with other matte boxes

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Rental Rates

: $25 + HST
: $50 + HST
: $75 + HST
: $25 + HST